Appalachian Trail

Chris was on a mission!   Not only did he fulfill a lifelong dream to travel through the Appalachian Trail but he was also able to spread CASA awareness.  Please donate and continue to help spread the mission of CASA and  CONGRATULATE Chris on his completed journey!!  
Applalachian Trail Campaign Donation-Click Here
Thank you for your contribution to CASA of the Southern Tier, Inc. and Chris' Appalachian Trail Journey.

Ms. Erica Verkleeren
Ms. Catherine Fischer
Ms. Margaret Davies
Ms. Diane Smith
Maria Leannah
Mr. & Mrs. Blake
Mr. Edward Andrewlavage
Ms. Madonna Cornelissen
Ms. Mary Johnson
Mr. Michael Kulcsar
Mr. & Mrs. Price
Mr. & Mrs. Lynch
Ms. Susan Gruber
(in memory of Marion & Bruce Adams)
Mr. & Mrs. Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Paschal
Mr. Alan Dieringer
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Dieringer
Mr. & Mrs. Forman
Ms. Jerrianne Rain
Mr. Tom Weldon
Mr. Rodney George
Mr. Curt Hale
Mr & Mrs. Christopher Hale
Ms. Margaret Cooke
Mrs. Jody Mixon
Ms. Kristin Vanpelt
Ms. Caitlin McConville
Mr. Timothy McClure
Ms. Beth Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Astolfi
Mr. Thomas Dieringer
Mr. Steven Albertson
Mr. & Mrs. John Dieringer

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